Chris Booth met the Chair Challenge

Chris sent in this photo of her lovely hand quilt for the challenge of Chairs. The subtle colors of pinks in the background are beautiful and the chairs are whimsical with their different colored checked seats. I love the fact that she carved a chair stamp to start the piece. Well done, Chris, and thanks for all the times you’ve taken part in our challenges.

Chris Booth Chairs

FROM CHRIS: When the topic was posted, I immediately saw multiples. The best way to do that was to carve a stamp with linoleum. The background is ice dyed and hand quilted. 


Chris B. Met the Challenge

Chris Booth met the Tree Challenge. The color and detail are wonderfully suited to the subject at hand. An especially nice touch is the running stitch between the leaves which gives the piece a narrative. Well done Chris!


FROM CHRIS: This is my tree challenge using the satin stitch by hand. It is also hand quilted. I used variegated threads for everything to see if they gave it a shaded look, mainly the sulky thread on spools. It is 11 inches by 11 1/2. I purchased the background fabric recently from akonye kena and was curious to see suitability for stitching, the texture works well.

Chris met the Heart Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chris Booth

Chris Booth Heart Challenge

 From Chris: I used freezer paper to cut hearts and adhered them to muslin to serve as masks. I used fabric paint to apply random brush strokes over it all to set the colour scheme and create a background. I removed the freezer paper revealing blank heart shapes in which to use stitchery. It was interesting to use the one stitch in different groupings to create different patterns. Chris Booth

This challenge runs to the end of February.  Please send in your photos to:


Chris Booth met the challenge!

It’s T Time! Thank you Chris for meeting the challenge and sending us the photo of your great results.

Our new challenge will be announced soon on September 1st. For anyone else who is ready to send in a photo, here is the email:

Tea Time by Chris Booth

Tea Time by Chris Booth

FROM CHRIS: I have never done a challenge or sent pictures so this was a true challenge. I eagerly awaited the August challenge after hearing about it and seeing Donna’s work in person. As soon as the theme was announced, this was my immediate thought. I have returned to embroidery after many years now that it  has risen to such a creative level, no more stamped pillowcases. I love embellishing quilted pieces but this was really my first embroidery on a plain background. It will not be my last!