Theresa met the Tree Challenge




This tree piece is part of my “Quirky Embroidery” Series. I print out a digital collage onto silk organza and put hand dyed fabric behind the silk. Then I embroider over the two layers. On this piece I added some metallic threads and beads.


Melinda Phillips – Tree and Cottage

Melinda Phillips Tree

Melinda Phillips Tree Challenge


I first started wanting to embroider on a zip and incorporate this to my hand made handbag.The owls I filled with chain stitch to allow the appearance of feathers. I delicately wove branches, leaves and berries of red beads to add bling on the stone linen. The back of the handbag I used a lighter approach, with vines echoing the branches, as if through a forest. This project is 25 x 15 cm, also has phone pocket inside, and owl button to the zip pull.

You may remember the couch Melinda sent in HERE for our HOUSE challenge. She has completed the house and sent in photos of this spectacular work of art.

Melinda Phillips Cottage

Cottage Back Melinda Phillips

Cottage Melinda Phillips

Our next to last challenge is CHAIRS

Chair by Jan

Chair by Jan

 MARCH 2014 Challenge 

Our next to last embroidery challenge and we suggest the basket weave stitch.

The pinterest inspiration board is HERE.

As always, send in your photos to:




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If anyone has finished their tree embroidery, please send in your photos.

Next month will be our very last embroidery challenge. Especially hope you will join us for that one.

March Challenge is…

TREES! Beautiful trees.

Our Pinterest Board for inspiration is HERE

The suggested stitch to use is the Encroaching Satin Stitch which you can see HERE
You can view one of Mary Corbet’s video tutorials HERE or search youtube for other tutorials. Feel free to use any stitches you prefer. The suggested satin stitch is a good stitch to cover a large area.

There are many ways to use the idea of a tree in your embroidery. It could be about the leaves, the trunk, the roots, the shape of the tree. It can be a bird on a branch of a tree. There is the family tree too!  We hope you will join us in celebrating the tree.

There was not enough interest in the idea of a swap, so we will count down to May’s final challenge with this challenge and two more.


Chris met the Heart Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chris Booth

Chris Booth Heart Challenge

 From Chris: I used freezer paper to cut hearts and adhered them to muslin to serve as masks. I used fabric paint to apply random brush strokes over it all to set the colour scheme and create a background. I removed the freezer paper revealing blank heart shapes in which to use stitchery. It was interesting to use the one stitch in different groupings to create different patterns. Chris Booth

This challenge runs to the end of February.  Please send in your photos to: