Each month, we will announce a new challenge and a particular stitch to use in your art.  The stitch should  be used at least once.  If you really love it, feel free to stitch it as often as you’d like!  Incorporating other embroidery stitches is encouraged.

We strive to be a starting point of inspiration to get you excited about embroidery. Although we originally intended this group to be for hand embroidery only, machine embroidery is welcome. Try incorporating both!

Remember, the idea is to motivate ourselves to try something new with support and camaraderie from others. You can join any challenge that speaks to you or sit out a month. We will post photos in the Gallery so that others can see what you have made.

There is a resource page to visit sites related to embroidery, so sit down, grab a cuppa, and go through them.  It’s amazing what is available to spark your imagination.

We offer you some basic inspiration as your starting point and the sky is the limit as to what you make.  Anything goes!


One thought on “About

  1. Hi:

    Ive followed with interest the challenges on your site and am interested in creating a piece for the portrait challenge. Thank you for all the wonderful sites you’ve researched….very inspirational:) I love portraits and often paint faces on my embroidered pieces but ive never actually embroidered a face so this will be a challenge.

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