Melinda met the challenge!

Melinda stumbled across the Needle Thread Cloth blog and incorporated our latest Heart Challenge into her project.

Love Seat

Love Seat

Love Seat

Love Seat

Love Seat

Love Seat

Hi! I’m Melinda Phillips, a keen embroiderer who just stumbled upon your challenges…  I Became very enthusiastic about the possibilities of including some of the challenges into my next project.

I love three dimensional embroidery, have made a gypsy wagon, a French dressing screen, jeep and caravan, three story Christmas cottage all from cardboard, felt and embroidered with many threads on linen. These are all under twelve inches high!!

Currently I am doing an English cottage with lights and a lot of floral flourishes. This is also embroidered with oven, hutch and wardrobe on the walls. I was trying to find crafted furniture for it, but nothing was to scale. So I designed the love seat.. Red running stitch the main contender on linen wrapped around  cardboard. It will fit on the bottom floor of my cottage, on the romantic daisy rug. It is about ten cm tall by fifteen cm… Just right for any new courtship!!


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