The Next Challenge is Clothes/Dress/Gloves/Wear

The poll question “Should we skip a month” got mixed results.

  • Four answers were in favor of skipping November and December
  • Two were for skipping December
  • Three were for not skipping any months.

We came up with a compromise. There will be one challenge that will last all of November and December. This challenge is a favorite of ours and we’ve been waiting for it for a long time. It will be Clothes/Dresses/Gloves/Wear and the Pinterest Board is HERE. The choice of stitch is your choice. We hope you find this an exciting challenge.

The title of the board gives a hint of what could be done. Clothes, Dress, Gloves, Wear.  There is a plethora of choices and ways to approach this category.


Here are some ideas and ways of working:

  • Make a wearable piece that includes embroidery.
  • Alter a wearable with embroidery (Check out the gloves!)
  • The subject can be a dress or clothing article embroidered on cloth.
  • Think what you would wear to a ball with Marie Antoinette or to Downton Abbey?
  • Pick a book or a movie or a period piece. What would you wear for that theme?

I hope you’ll join us! To give you a heads up for January, the theme will be hearts and the Pinterest Board is HERE.

When you’re ready with your challenge, please email a photo to:



2 thoughts on “The Next Challenge is Clothes/Dress/Gloves/Wear

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