Donna met the Monogram challenge.

Donna Funnell D - Monogram

Donna Funnell has the sole entry so far for the Monogram challenge.  It is a vibrant, colorful D on a cool black and white text fabric, surrounded by a mostly black and white border. Well done Donna! It’s not to late to send in a photo of a monogram piece. To see more of Donna’s work visit her blog HERE.

Donna Funnell D – Monogram


Poll – should we skip a month?

The holiday months are approaching. We thought it would be nice to hear from you regarding whether or not to skip December, skip November and December or not skip any months.
Thanks for your feedback!

October Challenge Birds -Running Stitch

Are you ready for the next challenge?

BIRDS –RUNNING STITCH (You thought it would be the feather stitch, didn’t you?)

The details will stay on top of the Challenge page HERE , including a video showing the running stitch, during the challenge month.

October 31 is the deadline.  Send in your photos by the 30th to:


The Pinterest inspiration board can be found HERE. There is a lot of great work on the board and you’ll see many different approaches and ideas.

Please let us know in the comments if you are thinking about joining us for this great challenge.