Patty Szymkowicz met the challenge!

Patty has joined us for two challenges and this is her latest confection for Tea Time. Thank you Patty, for being a part of Needle Thread Cloth.

Tea and Thee by Patty Szymkowicz

Tea and Thee by Patty Szymkowicz

Tea and Thee by Patty Szymkowicz

Tea and Thee by Patty Szymkowicz

FROM PATTY: Embroidery is something I have enjoyed since I was a very young girl. Growing up in a family of creative do-it-yourself types someone was always working on or in my father’s case “fixing” something.

Years after my father’s passing while admiring my mother’s stash of hand embroidered tablecloths, I found out that my mom and dad had worked on some of the pieces together; spending evenings stitching on opposite ends of the couch.
Being a kid at the time I totally missed that.

I completed a fair number of crewel embroidery kits as gifts for my family before I left home and went through my embroidering on jeans phase too.

I like the connection I feel with so many that have come before me when putting needle into cloth … such a simple thing and yet so wonderful with myriad and new possibilities!

For my Tea and Thee piece I spread plaster onto linens and laces, layering them on vintage book and map papers.  I used the stem stitch and French knots to highlight a flower from a plastered piece of lace and help hold it in place.

Thank you very much Theresa and Jan for the exciting inspiration you offer each month at Needle Thread Cloth.  You have me thinking about embroidery in new and exciting ways.

You can read more about Patty and follow her blog HERE:

2 thoughts on “Patty Szymkowicz met the challenge!

  1. A beautiful and thoughtful piece, Patty. Each layer has it’s own delights………and your work is ALWAYS a delight. SO happy you met the challenge!!!

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