Kim met the challenge!

Thank you Kim for meeting your second challenge from the Needle Thread Cloth blog.  You can find Kim’s first challenge HERE.

Kim Tedrow House Couch Stitch

Kim Tedrow House Couch Stitch

FROM KIM: Here’s a piece I did for the July Challenge. It turned into an abstract piece, which is not where I started.

My house is brown wood shingles, and I have a beautiful painted white wrought metal porch railing that features curling oak branches and leaves. I wanted to represent this in a design similar to the porch railing, but that didn’t quite work out, so this is what I ended up with.

I used brown acrylic paint on a Gelli Plate to monoprint the background (suggesting the brown shingles) onto a piece of 5 x 8″ natural canvas. I didn’t have any white cording or string to “couch” the railing with, so I tore strips of a scrap of white silk, twisted it, and used white cotton floss to do the couching. I worked with what was there on the background, highlighting or “filling in” areas where the paint had printed.

So here’s this little abstract study in couching. I kind of like how the different textures and the fraying of the silk work together. Who knows, maybe this will make its way onto a bigger piece, or perhaps transformed into a prayer flag…


3 thoughts on “Kim met the challenge!

  1. Kim,
    I really like the challenge piece! The textures and stitching you used to portray your home is wonderfully abstract. I think a Prayer Flag would be a lovely addition to your front porch. Nice job!

  2. Dear Needle thread cloth!

    Thank you for the beautiful page.

    Something happened – I don’t get mail from you any longer?

    Love from Vibeke in Denmark [?]

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