Donna Funnell met TWO challenges!

Right from the start Donna jumped in with both feet and came up with the idea to make a book based on the challenges. Thank you Donna for inspiring us!

Donna Funnell Floral French Knot Challenge

Donna Funnell Floral French Knot Challenge

FROM DONNA: I have been doing embroidery since I was a child. I did some flowers during the 70’s on jeans for friends. I returned to embroidery in the last 10 years embellishing my art quilts. I belong to an embroidery group and now I am teaching classes out of my home. I took an online class with Susan Sorrell (Creative Chick) and this expanded my skills using mixed media as an embroidery surface. Embroidery of all kinds soothes my soul, it is the best therapy!

I joined the challenge group after seeing my friend, Marci Glenn, post it on her blog. We met on Yahoo group.

After much thought I decided to do a fabric book and started page one with the floral French knots. I am using a bright colour palette. I thought of as many flowers as I could that would incorporate French knots. I used Judith Montano’s Free form embroidery book as a reference. I wanted a sketchbook look to my page and used this cool ledger fabric as a background.

Most of the embroidery uses variegated  threads. I am already to start July’s challenge, having fused fabric scraps as houses on my dyed green and blue fabric.

See more of my art work on my blog:

Donna Funnell – Fibre and Mixed Media Artist

Donna Funnell Houses Couch Stitch

Donna Funnell Houses Couch Stitch

About the houses: The houses were inspired by the artwork of Laura Wasilkowski. I have used the little houses as wall hangings, Christmas ornaments and gifts.


4 thoughts on “Donna Funnell met TWO challenges!

  1. Thanks Theresa! I also received my gift in the mail today! Thank you beautiful thread and AtC!

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  2. Donna,
    I adore what you have done with the two challenges! The first one is so sweet and the background ledger fabric is the perfect substrate for those brilliantly done flowers! It’s very happy! The house/couching piece is exactly what the challenge called for! It showcases the couching stitch so nicely! Congrats and I’m so happy you have joined in! Can’t wait to see your other challenge pieces as the months progress.

  3. Love these…I especially like the sketchbook effect on the flower stitch. Looks a bit like what you’d expect “Field Notes” to look like. Nice job.

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