Kim Tedrow met the challenge, and then some.

We’d like to thank Kim Tedrow for submitting photos and information about her June Floral/French Knot challenge. It’s wonderful that she couldn’t stop working on it until she transformed her piece into a beautiful pouch. To read more about Kim you can visit her blog HERE and her Etsy shop HERE

Kim Tedrow Back

Kim Tedrow

FROM KIM: Several years ago, I scored a major thrift-store coup when I came upon two small plastic organizers filled with embroidery floss in every color. So when I discovered the blog and read the first challenge, I broke out those boxes and dove right in.

My mom taught me to embroider, I remember doing one of those standard “samplers” when I was in grade school, but honestly, I haven’t done much since. I joined the challenge because I have those thrift store boxes of beautifully organized floss in a rainbow of colors and thought the challenge would be an opportunity to play with this gorgeous collection of color.

The biggest problem with this piece was not being able to stop. I literally didn’t stop until I ran out of space on the fabric. And, after all of the hours and hours I spend on the stitching, what was I going to do with it? (Really, all I meant to do was to do a couple of flowers and some French knots and call it good). I decided to make a pouch because the material is durable (old hot pink jeans), and I need a new pouch, one that’s about the right size for my wallet and cell phone.

I used a back pocket from the same pair of jeans to embroider a flap, and used the inseam to create the strap. I tore a good margin around the inseam, folded it over, and closed the raw edges with a blanket stitch. To attach the flap, I used a whip stitch. The cool thing about this being an embroidery piece is that I didn’t have to worry about my stitches showing. With the exception of the lining, which consists of a segment of another pair of jeans, I stitched it all together by hand.


Kim Tedrow Detail

Kim Tedrow Detail

Kim Tedrow Back

Kim Tedrow Back

Kim Tedrow Front

Kim Tedrow Front


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