Jan DeBellis met the challenge

I’d like to thank Jan for finishing the challenge and for joining me in this new big journey.

Jan Floral French Knot Challenge

Jan Floral French Knot Challenge


From Jan: The Challenge got me motivated to go back to my needle and thread roots!  Embroidery and needlework have been a major part of my artistic side for many years, besides sewing and quilting.  My first big piece was an embroidered SUNFLOWERS by Van Gogh that I made for my parents in 1973 as a Christmas gift.  It took forever to do, too.  I was hooked and then took Needlepoint lessons at the local college and gravitated to Cross Stitch (like a million other women in that era).

Needle Thread Cloth sparked that excitement in me again and I’m anxious to play in this medium again.   Looking at the resources available now and online sites like Needle Thread Cloth, my mind is racing!

I cut 5″ scalloped piece of wool and positioned the bird and flower on top of it.  Then I used the Buttonhole stitch around each of pieces along with French Knots in the center of the flower and the bird’s eye.  The stem stitch was used to add a ‘stem’ to the flower.

Then I placed this on top of a hand dyed 6″ circle of wool and used the Buttonhole stitch to attach it.  Eventually, I will back this with a piece of cotton and a hanger.

To read more about Jan visit her blog here.


6 thoughts on “Jan DeBellis met the challenge

    • Thanks Carolyn. Your piece is lovely as well. I’m so happy you are joining NTC…..more challenges in the works and I can’t wait to see what you make!

  1. Yay Jan! I love these sweet circles. Your needlework is perfection! And what clear images you shared here. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous art and for inspiring me : )

    • Ah, thanks Terri. I love this art form (and know you do, too) so can’t wait to see what you make for this challenge. And there are more to come………..wait till you see!!! xoxo

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