New challenge to be announced on Monday, July 1

If you would like to share what you made for the June challenge (even if it’s still in progress) please email your photos here:




Thank you to Chris Capista for mailing in her work and paragraph:

From Chris: I joined the challenge because I was at a point where I was a bit overwhelmed with ideas and didn’t have anything to focus on.  I had done a lot of embroidery years ago and this seemed like it would be very doable.  I had the idea of using the sequins to make the flowers and fastened them with french knots.  I’m working on a piece of silk and hope to make it into a sampler featuring a variety of stitches from the challenges posted here.

french knot 4sm


Jan DeBellis met the challenge

I’d like to thank Jan for finishing the challenge and for joining me in this new big journey.

Jan Floral French Knot Challenge

Jan Floral French Knot Challenge


From Jan: The Challenge got me motivated to go back to my needle and thread roots!  Embroidery and needlework have been a major part of my artistic side for many years, besides sewing and quilting.  My first big piece was an embroidered SUNFLOWERS by Van Gogh that I made for my parents in 1973 as a Christmas gift.  It took forever to do, too.  I was hooked and then took Needlepoint lessons at the local college and gravitated to Cross Stitch (like a million other women in that era).

Needle Thread Cloth sparked that excitement in me again and I’m anxious to play in this medium again.   Looking at the resources available now and online sites like Needle Thread Cloth, my mind is racing!

I cut 5″ scalloped piece of wool and positioned the bird and flower on top of it.  Then I used the Buttonhole stitch around each of pieces along with French Knots in the center of the flower and the bird’s eye.  The stem stitch was used to add a ‘stem’ to the flower.

Then I placed this on top of a hand dyed 6″ circle of wool and used the Buttonhole stitch to attach it.  Eventually, I will back this with a piece of cotton and a hanger.

To read more about Jan visit her blog here.

Carolyn Huber meets the challenge

We’d like to thank Carolyn for sending in the photo and story for her piece. Carolyn used the Floral French Knot challenge to make a tin she’d been saving into a mending kit. She used the tin’s lattice-work as background for the wisteria made of varied size French Knots.

Carolyn Huber Wisteria

Carolyn Huber Wisteria

From Carolyn:I found the candy tin and wanted to make a mending kit out of it so I put in my stash until inspiration arrived. As soon as I saw the challenge I knew how I would alter the tin (inspiration arrived!).  The pattern on the tin reminded me of lattice-work, and since wisteria are the perfect flower to do in a french knot and require some type of support, it was a perfect match.
Carolyn Huber Jumping In

Carolyn Huber Jumping In

In addition to adding the beads for the play of light and color I varied the number of threads used in the knots to add dimension.  After I finished  embroidering the vine, I felt the piece really needed a way to transition into the background so I dug up some gold braiding that was originally much too heavy for the piece and separated it.  In doing so the braid no longer was tight enough so I used the blue thread to add some couching and french knots to keep in snug against the edge.

As a pre-pubescent pixie, I did a lot of needle work but stopped as I progressed through my education.  After I graduated I would occasionally revisit it, but until this challenge, I had not picked it up in a long time.  I literally did have to “dig out” my needlework supplies.
What are you working on for the challenge? Let us know in the comment section. If you are ready to send in your photos here is the address:


Marci Glenn meets the challenge.

We’d like to thank Marci for sending in the photo and story for her piece. Marci Glenn jumped right in and used the Floral French Knot challenge as a way to get back to work on a piece she’d set aside a year ago.

Marci Glenn Stitch Sampler

Marci Glenn Stitch Sampler

From Marci: The current piece that I am embellishing is an 18″ x 18″ free-form pieced four-patch that will either become a pillow or a wall hanging.  I started this piece over a year ago when I read an article, Extreme Embellishment by Karen Loprete in the April/May 2012 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.  After piecing the top together, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do next.  It was like looking at a blank art journal page and being afraid of messing it up!  So the piece sat on top of a box in my sewing room, every once in a while I would pull it out, look at it, then put it back.  When I read about this needle thread cloth challenge, I immediately thought of this piece and joined in.  Being part of a challenge pushes you to “do” instead of “think”.  So far I have added more stitches to this piece in the last few weeks than I have in the last year.  I’m looking forward to our monthly challenges!

To read more about Marci visit her blog here.

Pieces will be displayed on the Floral French Knot Challenge page as they come in. If you have a work in process or finished work for the Floral French Knot Challenge that you would like to share, please send it in:


June 1 – Official Beginning of the Floral French Knot Challenge

The best thing about this group is that there is no swapping and no judging.  Just persons getting together to stretch their embroidery wings!  The purpose is to get inspired, to be excited about hand stitching techniques and meet new friends.

It’s June 1 and the entire month is allotted to the Floral French Knot challenge. If you’ve already begun and would like to send in a photo and a short paragraph about your process, please email it to:

emailaddyNTCYou are welcome and encouraged to leave a link in the comments here to your blog or website if you’ve written about your piece. Here is a great post from Patty of Magpie’s Nest.


We plan to make blog posts during the month showing progress of your pieces or your finished pieces if you’re already done. We’re thrilled that so many people have signed up to receive posts and hope you ALL are considering sending in some work.

Please don’t be shy! Send in those photos and a short paragraph about your work.
Jan and Theresa

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