Join us in an embroidery challenge!

Today we are starting the challenge blog, Needle Thread Cloth. The title shows that we are not going the traditional route of classic embroidery and are planning to do work that is broadly interpreted with the use of needle, thread and cloth.

If you are a beginner and have always wanted to learn to embroider, this is your chance. There are many youtube videos available that will teach you a basic beginning stitch. Your challenge will be to take the time to learn and use our loose guideline as a starting place.

If you are an experienced artist looking to expand your artwork by adding hand stitch work, this is your challenge too. If you are an experienced embroiderer and you’d like to join in, you are welcome to dazzle us.

You can use a machine or use hand work. All ways of working with Needle, Thread and Cloth are welcome.

Our first challenge is this:

Floral French Knot

Details and idea can be found on the Challenge Page as well as a sign up contact form. We have a large list of Resources to inspire you as well.

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We hope you’ll join us and look forward to seeing what you do!

Jan and Theresa