Theresa met the Portrait Challenge

Self Portrait

FROM THERESA: This portrait was from a photograph which was changed by the stamp filter in Photoshop and printed out on a cotton sheet. The hair and glasses were stitched free form on a sewing machine and the other stitches were added by hand. The background is made up of bits of colored fabric which have been glued and sewn down onto the cotton. The piece was stretched around an 8″ x 10″ canvas. 

Chris Booth met the Chair Challenge

Chris sent in this photo of her lovely hand quilt for the challenge of Chairs. The subtle colors of pinks in the background are beautiful and the chairs are whimsical with their different colored checked seats. I love the fact that she carved a chair stamp to start the piece. Well done, Chris, and thanks for all the times you’ve taken part in our challenges.

Chris Booth Chairs

FROM CHRIS: When the topic was posted, I immediately saw multiples. The best way to do that was to carve a stamp with linoleum. The background is ice dyed and hand quilted. 

The Final Challenge is PORTRAIT

The final Needle Thread Cloth Challenge is PORTRAIT.


KIMAKA HARA Visit her site for a cheerful, whimsical tour!

There are many ways to explore the idea of portraits. It could be a self portrait entirely made from scratch or one could use a photo and stitch into it.  A portrait doesn’t have to be literal. It can be a mood piece that describes who you are. It can be a portrait of a pet, a friend, or a family member.

The pinterest inspiration board is HERE. The board has some interesting examples ranging from the über realist portraits by CAYCE ZAVAGLIA  and DANIEL KORNRUMPF to the whimsical and fun portraits of KIMIKA HARA to the curiosity work of DAVID CATA who literally embroiders portraits on his hands.

This month’s challenge is a complex one and we are leaving the choice of stitches to you.  We can see this challenge bringing in some wonderful work, perhaps pet portraits that are stuffed toys, or charming, delicate self portraits. Push yourself to come up with something that describes you or the person or animal that you represent with needle thread and cloth.

This will be a one month challenge and is due on May 31. Please send the photos to


or send a link to your blog or post about the work. We look forward to the results of the PORTRAIT challenge.

Please leave a comment on this post if you plan to join the challenge. If you leave a comment, we believe it makes more of a commitment to the project which is good for you,  plus this is our FINAL challenge!




Look inside this book:


Chris B. Met the Challenge

Chris Booth met the Tree Challenge. The color and detail are wonderfully suited to the subject at hand. An especially nice touch is the running stitch between the leaves which gives the piece a narrative. Well done Chris!


FROM CHRIS: This is my tree challenge using the satin stitch by hand. It is also hand quilted. I used variegated threads for everything to see if they gave it a shaded look, mainly the sulky thread on spools. It is 11 inches by 11 1/2. I purchased the background fabric recently from akonye kena and was curious to see suitability for stitching, the texture works well.

Melinda Phillips – Tree and Cottage

Melinda Phillips Tree

Melinda Phillips Tree Challenge


I first started wanting to embroider on a zip and incorporate this to my hand made handbag.The owls I filled with chain stitch to allow the appearance of feathers. I delicately wove branches, leaves and berries of red beads to add bling on the stone linen. The back of the handbag I used a lighter approach, with vines echoing the branches, as if through a forest. This project is 25 x 15 cm, also has phone pocket inside, and owl button to the zip pull.

You may remember the couch Melinda sent in HERE for our HOUSE challenge. She has completed the house and sent in photos of this spectacular work of art.

Melinda Phillips Cottage

Cottage Back Melinda Phillips

Cottage Melinda Phillips

Our next to last challenge is CHAIRS

Chair by Jan

Chair by Jan

 MARCH 2014 Challenge 

Our next to last embroidery challenge and we suggest the basket weave stitch.

The pinterest inspiration board is HERE.

As always, send in your photos to:




Image used for the email address to prevent spam. You will have  to type it in to send email. 

If anyone has finished their tree embroidery, please send in your photos.

Next month will be our very last embroidery challenge. Especially hope you will join us for that one.